Welcome to My Garage Shop

Welcome to My Garage Shop. Look around, Check out My Garage Shop.




Check Out My Garage Shop, Click Here

Check Out My Garage Shop, Click Here

I created this site in 2010, the purpose was to create a place where people could talk about their passion…
Their Car, their Workshop, whatever…

Not many people came to visit, so I started linking the site to Facebook, and I realized thats where everyone was talking about their passion.
So I had invested so much time in the site I did not know what to do so I left it idle for a while.

Then I got so busy working IN my passion, my garage shop, I just did not have any time for this site.

Now I have kind of stripped all of the meaning less content of the site while I decide what to do with it.
So if you want to see the work I have been doing in my garage shop, click on the Toula Diction icon.
It is located in banner and it will take you to my facebook page where all of my work can be seen.

For now thank you for stopping by.

































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