SmartScreens for Mach3

To start, ScreenSets are like hairstyles, everyone has their own preference.

SmartScreens was created because the default ScreenSet just did not work the way we wanted.
A ScreenSet which had already been modified from the control system supplier.
They make a great hardware control system, but their ScreenSet…
Well, I was always taught if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything.
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There are several Mach3 ScreenSet choices available, many of them where honestly very good.
But… We were looking for something more, not just something that looks better with an extra wizard or two…
So we made a list of things that we wanted in a ScreenSet. It has to:
1. Be Organized
2. Be Uncluttered
3. Have a Consistent User Interface
Okay… The first 3 items were easy, but when you have 28 years of software development experience related to manufacturing, Robotics, Automation, and Machine control, (… How we pay the bills)
the list tends to get long and much more involved pretty quickly.
4. Operational Intelligence (more on this below)



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