Blue Devil Hood Prop Version 2.0

A YouTube video of the finished product

This is a 3D Hood Prop which is themed after the car which is called Blue Devil.
Unlike most of my 3D work which is done on a CNC Machine, this was hand sculpted starting with some Halloween decorations.
I purchased a Human Skull, a Bat Skull, and some Horns. I used modeling clay to blend them together.
One the final result was achieved, I used several products from Smooth-On that are used for Hollywood style special effects.
I made molds of the finished skull and jaw.
Then I fabricated a steel skeleton which would go inside to strengthen the finished product.
I casted both parts out of resin, then fitted it to the CNC Plasma cut steel portion which made up the Hood Prop.
It was Airbrushed with many, many layers. I added Acrylic with hidden compartment for LED lights. Here is the result.

(click to enlarge)



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