The Shop

My Garage Shop Version 1, 2 and 3

I started in Machine shop in high school. It was a long time a go in a galaxy far far away. At first I did not realize how much I would grow to like it. I was a car guy and was trying to get into Auto Shop or at least Auto Body shop. So was everyone else so they were all full. My guidance counselor said “What about Automotive Machine Shop?” It sounded like it had something to do with cars… It did not. For me at 15 years old it was a new way of making things… Out of steel. I had only made things out of wood up until then, go-carts and other contraptions. After about a year in that class I swore “When I have my own shop, I want…(a long list of stuff that would take a longer time to get)”. Well from dreaming about my own shop in 1975 to actually having one took 26 years. It finally happened. (You have to read at least the version 1, the beginning is funny.)

Florida Garage Shop
Version 3, and the last version

This is the last time I am moving all this equipment...

3D Animation of Florida Shop Planning

I wanted this to be done right so there was lots of planning

New York Garage Shop
Version 1

The first MyGarageShop, was in Long Island, New York

Florida Garage Shop
Version 2

This Garage Shop was bigger but not as flashy as it New York predecessor

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