He Wanted To Become His Favorite Super Hero

A combination of Engineering, CNC Machining, Hand Sculpture, Painting and Airbrushing. This customer wanted a Full Sized 3D Sculpture of his favorite Superhero… But he wanted just a hint that it was him as the Character. Starting with a 3D Model of the character. Using ZBrush pictures of his face we digitally added to the model. Then to complete the transformation the original characters forehead, hair, and some other facial details were added to the customers face. After lots of CAD / CAM work with BobAD Version 29 we were ready to start cutting. We used a technique called stacked lamination, (layers of wood glued into a block) that we CNC Machined into a semi finished state. The balance was hand sculpted into the final shaped. Here is the result.
He wanted to become his favorite Superhero (click to enlarge)



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