TowBot The first project I did in My Garage Shop

A towing device for towing watercraft comprising a plurality of arms wherein each of these arms has a first end and a second end. There is at least one stabilizing bar coupled to a first end of these arms, and a coupling connection at the second end of these arms wherein this coupling connection is for coupling to a towed watercraft. To control the longitudinal expansion and contraction of this towing device, a plurality of hinge connections are disposed in a coupling connection between these arms in a region where these arms are coupled to each other. These arms are coupled together in a rotatable manner such as in a scissor like connection. At least one of these hinge connections also connect at a center connection point between at least two of these arms. Thus, these arms rotate around these hinge connections to form a towing device that is adjustable in length wherein these arms are collapsible into a storage platform as well.



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