Florida Garage Shop – 2010

My Garage Shop Version 2

Well I think that too many welding fumes corrupted my brain, because I decided that it was a good choice to move my family and all of this equipment to Florida. In August… Remember I decided to start this whole thing in the winter, now I was going to move it all in the blazing heat… In fact there were record high temperatures. It was so hot that the same forklift I used to move everything in to the garage with no problem would sink into the asphalt when I stopped for a second with my 4,000 milling machine hanging from it. Again, enough talking the pictures say it all.

Construction Begins
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Finally Completed
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My Garage Shop Version 2… Comes to an end

Out with the old. I am preparing to move the shop… Again… I decided after some really forward thinking from my Wife. That I would get rid of the equipment I did not use any more, and make this last shop more about the kind of work I do now. Stay Tuned…

Dismantling the Shop
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