Florida Garage Shop – 2016

My Garage Shop Version 3

If this was going to be the last shop I ever built… I was going to be a good one. I have done this plenty of times for my various employers, before I started working for myself. I always said I wished I could do this for myself. Well now was my chance. I started with paper drawings, then I moved on to SketchUp. After 53 detailed versions I settled on this one. Remember this is my hobby, my passion, what I do now that I am “Retired”. The biggest challenges I have had in the past were… Space Utilization, Noise, and All of the Mess that this hobby creates… So I started with a Sound Proof Room. I put everything that makes a lot of noise in there. I put all of the equipment that makes a mess (that may be grounds for Divorce) in the dirty area so I could contain it and keep it clean. I added Dust Collection, and Fume Extraction to keep the Mess and the Smell to an absolute minimum. Here I go talking too much… Let the pictures do the talking.

Planning Stages
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(there are not many picture I was to busy working)

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Planned vs Actual
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